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Fekou's Family

Hello and welcome!

It is a pleasure to welcome you on this platform dedicated to Our Family and ministry which the purpose is to let us known and build a close relationship with you in order to establish a partnership in the mission we are in charge of. From here we will keep you informed of our life as servants of God, of our ministry and stay closer to you.

Adeline and I (Emmanuel) came to knew the Lord while being teenagers; she in her 14 years and I in my 16 years. We got married before God and men on the, 08.08.2008 and the Lord has granted us four beautiful children (3 daughters – Elisa Soraya, Asiel Raphaëlle, Joanna) and (1 boy – Emmanuel Wilfred.)

We are today fully involved in the ministry of evangelization through modern methods of communication (acting as pioneer in digital evangelism in Cameroon – having started early in year 2000) being a family living by faith, relying on God’s provision through donations and multifaceted support both for the work we do and to live on a daily basis. We lives in the northern outskirts of Yaounde, Cameroon.

The ministry we are in charge of is a great and exciting adventure with the Lord. We do not always know what the next step will be at the end of each one; nevertheless, we have to confidently move forward –even to the unknown-, relying on God alone.

Pretending not to be able to tell a dynamic life story on this website which is just a foretaste, to be kept informed of the hectic and exciting adventures that Our Family lives every day with our Savior, Lord and Master, we would be grateful to you for subscribing to our newsletter by adding your e-mail address in the form at the bottom right of this page. The various seasons of these adventures could be unfold as follow:

▶  Season 1: Encounter with Christ. | First Steps with Christ. | The high schools years. |
▶  Season 2: My first work. | The call of God.| Encounter with Adeline.| Leaving the family home. |
▶  Season 3: Mom death. | Missed Journeys. | Our Wedding. | Work at BtoB. | Elisa‘s Birth. |
▶  Season 4: Involvement in Campus (VLM). | New house at Efoulan. | Birth of the son.. | Leaving Campus. |
▶  Season 5: Launching Top Chretien for Africa. | Journey in the USA. | Mission trip to Congo BZV(1).| Birth of Asiel. | Mission trip to Congo(2). | Joanna‘s birth. | End of Top Chretien for Africa. |
▶  Season 6: Our house. | Taking care of my father. | T-Net/Teleo university theological training. | Stay-at-home-Dad. Going trough hardship. | Trying to relaunch my personal ministry. |
▶  Season 7: Hardship continue | T-Net/Teleo University graduation. | Discovering Islamology. | Rebirth, New beginning. |

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