Others Projects > In addition to online evangelism, I also develop other projects.

In addition to online evangelism, I also use the technology to develop and deploy other projects.

Some are listed below:

▶ Objectif Cameroun (Just to say that our purpose or objective is Cameroon.)

☼ Cameroonian non-profit. “Our goal (Vision) is to contribute to a better Cameroon in all respects. In this perspective, we are firmly committed to working towards an emerging Cameroon having human being at the centre of our concerns.”

▶ Nouvelles Du Cameroun

☼ Cameroon’s general information website to give a “different perspective on news from Cameroon and the world.”

▶ On Dit Que. (The french version of “I Hear Say.”)

☼ The gossips, the hear say, the rumours of the neighbourhood… I hear they say that… what do they say ? Tell us all the said and unsaid things around you! I hear say…

▶ Invisibles Friends.

☼ Invisible Friends is an important Web projects targeting Young people, Pupils and Students in Cameroon. It is a fun project with an evangelical, educational and income generating purpose copied from a game which is usually played in universities and secondary schools here in Cameroon.

▶ Bulk Sms Service. (Objectif Cameroun Sms Solutions – OCSMS)

☼ Objectif Cameroun SMS Solutions (OCSMS) is a bulk sms service for your instant communications (commercials, corporate, N.G.O, churches, schools, etc.) Our bulk Sms service allows you to easily and simultaneously dispatch SMS towards 3102 networks in more than 300 countries of the world. Then, for your promotional actions and communication, choose our OCSMS offer.