Our Needs > Our needs are spiritual, human, and financial.

Our Needs

Know more about our needs and the possibnilities of supporting us. Our needs are the same as that of a family of our size.

Emmanuel is full-time involved in Internet evangelism and on-line mission work. He does nothing else apart of that since the early 2000. The workload and the challenges bound to his mission are such as, to be effective, he cannot get involved in something else like having an income generating work or activities besides (It is not without having tried). So we rely on donations and support from others (like you) not only to cope with ours needs but to also face the expenditures of the ministry we are in charge of. We therefore pray the Lord to touch your heart so that you could partner with us in this work. May you see yourself as an important link; a key person to the smooth running of this work of spreading the message of the Gospel through the modern methods of communication, for the mission work has always been a cooperative effort between the “goers” (those who go for mission) and the “senders” (those who send in the mission field) according to Romans 10v13-15a and the two are necessary for the work to be well done. We are already gone. Would you be of those sending us?

Our needs are spiritual, human, and financial.

╰▶At the spiritual level:

We are involved in a large-scale spiritual work. Many are the challenges and important are the battles. You can commit yourself to pray or encourage others to pray for us. We will add you our prayer list to regularly send prayer topics.

╰▶At the human level:

We would like to have available people (volunteers) with various skills to assist in specific and practical tasks by giving us their time, occasionally or more regularly.

╰▶At the financial level:

We need donors to provide regular financial support to meet the expenses related to the deployment of our work.

☑ Internet connections: CFA FRS 1 200 000 / Euro 1 830 Euros (Annually);
☑ Water & electricity bills: CFA FRS 300 000 / Euro 500 (Annually);
☑ Office Equipment & consumables: CFA FRS 500 000 / Euro 762 (Annually);
☑ Hosting of 7 domain names: CFA FRS 150 000 / Euro 230 (Annually);
☑ Other expenditures (Transport, telephone, etc.): CFA FRS 1 080 000 / Euro 1 650 (Annually).

Which makes a total amount of CFA FRS 3 230 000 / Euro 4 925 (Annually).

Would you mind to become a partner with us?partner with us.